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Mu Online Season 6 ~ 16

Mu Online is opening in 1.January 2021!

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New Game Systems.

Quality gaming and the latest features awaits you!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 1.January, join the thousands online!.

TOP Rankings
CountryClassCharacterLevelMaster LevelLocation
1Lord EmperorPiruco400800Chaos Castle Final
2Grand MasterSiriusBack400800Kanturu
3Lord EmperorTKBxGIL400800Chaos Castle Final
4Blade MasterVIOLADOR400800Lorencia
5Duel MasterPocho400800Chaos Castle Final
6Grand MasterChimuelo400800Kanturu
7Grand MasterDrogon235800Lorencia
8High ElfMyQueen400663Arena
9High ElfOhYes400239Chaos Castle Final
10Dimension MasterMJ40043Lorencia
11Blade MasterGame0ver40010Kanturu
12Duel MasterPriscilaxD29Arena