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Mu Online Season 6 ~ 16

Mu Online is opening in 1.January 2021!

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New Game Systems.

Quality gaming and the latest features awaits you!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 1.January, join the thousands online!.

TOP Rankings
1Grand MasterChimuelo1,200140Kanturu
2Blade MasterVIOLADOR1,200127Lorencia
3Grand MasterSiriusBack1,200125Kanturu
4Rage FighterImLEGENDS40063Devias
5Blade KnightYeah34343Chaos Castle Final
6Lord EmperorTKBxGIL1,20041Chaos Castle Final
7High ElfOhYes63938Chaos Castle Final
8High ElfMyQueen1,06337Arena
9Duel MasterPriscilaxD31136Arena
10Blade KnightPatriarca30935Dungeon
11Soul MasterKirito40032Tarkan
12Duel MasterPocho1,20026Chaos Castle Final
13Blade KnightGHOST40023Lorencia Bar
14Soul MasterYeahs40020Noria
15Soul MasterSKYLINE120Lorencia
16Dark LordZeikkro39017Arena
17Dark LordAmenaDiel37913Arena
18Dark LordNEVERTALK111Lorencia
19Soul MasterAIKO4009Lorencia
20Dark LordKaiSeR4008Arena
21Soul MasterMERLYN3808Arena
22Muse ElfTeffa1507Lorencia
23Dark LordTosichi3877Kanturu 2
24Dark LordNEMESIS3557Tarkan
25Blade KnightPenoncio16Lorencia